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TaaS-Technology as a Service
While cloud computing may be the new buzzword on the scene, the promise of Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) from OfficeCare is already delivering on the commitment for many of our clients.

Unless you are a technology company, information technology is NOT part of your core competency. So why deal with the frustration of trying to master technology for your business. Let the technology professionals at OfficeCare manage and maintain your business technology.

Don’t let the high costs of hardware, software, networking and support prevent your organization from upgrading to the new technology solutions that you need to compete. Start taking advantage of the savings and flexibility of TaaS from OfficeCare.

Taas from OfficeCare includes:
•Technology Infrastructure on-Demand
•Flexible Virtual Servers
•SAN Storage
•Backup services with offsite storage
•SAS70 Compliant Data Center facilities

Also, by utilitizing Taas from OfficeCare cost savings can be realized by:
•Moving IT off the capital expenditures budget and reclassifying it as a reoccurring monthly operating expense, like a utility.
•Providing small and mid-sized companies with access to the sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology previously reserved only for the largest organizations.
•Utilizing OfficeCare IT specialists on an as needed basis rather than committing capital for full time employees.