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Steps to resolving your computer problems:

  1. Close all programs and restart your computer
  2. Try the process again
  3. If the problem is still occurring, have the following information ready when you contact the support desk:
    • any error messages
    • program you are using when the error occurs
    • what you were trying to accomplish when the error occurs
    • Any recent changes to your computer
    • Number of users affected
    • Business impact and any applicable deadlines
  4. Contact the OfficeCare support desk in one of three available methods:
Existing Customers-OfficeCare Support Portal
Support.officecare.com (have your user-id and password ready)

After Hours Emergency Support and Holiday Support

For after hours emergency support, please call 513-744-2580 and choose emergency after hours support. The engineer on call will receive your voicemail and return your call within one hour.

The Support@OfficeCare.com address is not checked after hours—please direct all after hours emergency support to the telephone support line.


If you do not receive a response to your request in a timely manner, please escalate your incident by calling OfficeCare at 513-831-2813, option “0” to speak to an OfficeCare representative.

If you have an incident number, please have it available.