700 West Pete Rose Way | Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

The Conficker C computer worm emerged in October of 2008, wreaking havoc on Microsoft Windows computers and networks worldwide. With the launch of a virulent attack expected on April 1, 2009, OfficeCare took special care to ensure its clients’ networks were protected like their own. OfficeCare began a proactive preventative anti-virus initiative weeks before the expected outbreak. Although there is no way to 100% guarantee that a PC will never get a virus or malware, OfficeCare was fully engaged to minimize vulnerabilities as much as possible.

As part of OfficeCare’s OfficeWatch Managed Service program, the following preventative measures were taken:
  • Ensuring all recommended Microsoft security updates were applied
  • Ensuring the antivirus software definitions and updates were current on all computers, set to run scheduled scans, and set to auto-protect the file system.
  • Disabling AutoPlay globally via Group Policy.
  • Setting the Automatic Updates, Background Intelligent Transfer Services, Error Reporting, and Windows Defender services to Automatic via Group Policy
OfficeCare met success in its efforts to protect its clients’ networks, allowing them to maintain productivity and focus despite the threat of the Conficker worm.
OfficeCare, despite economic challenges, has experienced significant growth over the past several years. In an environment where similar organizations’ revenues are averaging a 10-15% decline, OfficeCare has experienced 15% growth year over year. This growth has necessitated a move to larger facilities. On May 1st, 2009 OfficeCare moved from Milford, OH to historic Longworth Hall in downtown Cincinnati.

Longworth Hall Office Complex and Design Center was originally the Baltimore and Ohio Freight Terminal. Built on land owned by Nicholas Longfellow, it is listed in the National Register of Historic places and spans over ¼ mile in length.

With its architectural character, free parking, and delicious onsite Belgian Bistro, Longworth Hall has become the beloved home of many area businesses. This new location helps to bring OfficeCare closer to the core of its client base, while also reducing its costs. OfficeCare has leased 5,000 square feet of space, enough to accommodate its current staff and expected future growth. The new headquarters is located at 700 W. Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati, OH 45203.
Open House
With OfficeCare’s move to historic Longworth Hall behind it, it was time to celebrate! OfficeCare hosted an Open House on the evening of Thursday May 28th for its existing and prospective clients, neighbors, family and friends. All were invited to enjoy food, live music and tours of the new space. The turnout was impressive, with over 80 people in attendance. Much laughter was shared and many memories were made at this celebratory event.
21st Century Learning Summit
The challenge to create learning environments that meet the educational demands of 21st Century students is a growing concern among school administrators. For their students to compete in the rapidly changing global economy, schools will need to teach students how to think creatively and use all of the resources available to them.

In an effort to help school administrators adapt to such demands, Miami Valley Christian Academy (MVCA) and OfficeCare hosted the 21st Century Learning Summit on Thursday, April 30th, 2009 from 8AM – 12PM. The summit, held on the MVCA campus, provided practical resources to technology and school administrators seeking to learn more about 21st Century learning skills. It also provided strategies from other administrators currently in the field.

Key presenters included Lynn Ochs, 2007 Ohio eTech Technology Administrator of the Year, Tom Devolve, Principal at Roger Bacon High School and Keith Koehne, Principal at Mariemont Jr. High School. OfficeCare, serving the Information Technology needs of MVCA, CISE and the Cincinnati Public School District among others, shared its expertise in a Question and Answer session following the presentation.

The event drew 30 people and was well-received. OfficeCare will be hosting a similar event this summer geared towards schools and school administrators who are in cost reduction mode. OfficeCare will explore case studies highlighting IT outsourcing and IT on demand as viable cost reduction strategy for any school.